Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Five months later...

Do you hate me?

I'd probably hate me after abandoning you for so long. It's a ridiculous truth but the truth all the same. I don't have air conditioning and I couldn't stand to turn on the oven this summer. I really didn't do any baking (or cooking) for months.

It was a salad filled summer to tell you the truth.

So good news, I've lost ten pounds. Bad news, I think it was from sweating (and, I suppose, all the salads).

But it's finally cooled off in my Midwestern city and I'm excited to be writing again, and to be sharing it with you. If you'll have me of course.

I'm going to adjust the posting schedule from every Tuesday to every other Thursday. That gives me more time in the week to get it to you and hopefully sound at least semi-coherent.

Not to mention, it's the Christmas season (well, almost) and I've already gone through 2lbs of butter!

Ready? What's next.

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