Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Five months later...

Do you hate me?

I'd probably hate me after abandoning you for so long. It's a ridiculous truth but the truth all the same. I don't have air conditioning and I couldn't stand to turn on the oven this summer. I really didn't do any baking (or cooking) for months.

It was a salad filled summer to tell you the truth.

My docket girls (BBQ chicken pizza)

You know that one friend who always had the parties, or the sleepovers. Whether it was chosen because there was a separate space for all of you to hang out away from the prying eyes of parents or simply because they just had the best snacks, Whatever the reason, in what will probably surprise no one by now, nine times out of ten that was my house.

I was so used to any house I live in being known as a flop house, a house where everyone is included and welcome, that when you're friends move on or get busy (such is life) it's really strange when you go back to having an empty house. Roommates on opposite schedules doesn't help either.

Then came the saving grace that is the docket department. My office hired three college-aged women almost at the same time. It took a few months to really fall into something, but once we did (at least in my opinion) we really fell into something good.

Late nights, laughing and (drinking) eating this pizza. This excellent, thrown together at the last minute, I totally didn't forget to buy pizza dough at the store last night pizza.