Tuesday, May 3, 2016

And we're live

There's a book by Jennifer Crusie called Bet Me. If we've been friends longer than a hot minute I've undoubtedly either referenced it or just given it to you to read. It's my comfort read, the book I read when I'm looking for something familiar. Reading Bet Me is very much like coming home. There's one (well let's face it there are a million quotes but one in particular) that I've always identified with. The two main characters (Cal and Min) are talking about Min's friend, Bonnie, who is thinking of dating Cal's friend, Roger. Min is trying to explain Bonnie in a nutshell and this is what she comes up with:
"Bonnie ... spent a year and a half looking at couches... Then one night we were on the way to the movies and she stopped in front of a furniture store window and said, 'Wait a minute,' and went in and bought this horribly expensive couch in about five minutes."
And it's one of those quotes that I read and this clarity comes over me and I think to myself that's me.

This blog is the culmination of two and a half years of searching for that perfect couch, or perfect medium. I knew I wanted to write but didn't know where the best place to put my ramblings would be. I often found myself writing something and I would love the content but not the theme of what I was doing and scratch it. I wrote half a cookbook before deciding that wasn't right either so I went back to the blog idea and bought a domain. That I let expire because the timing was off. I considered the website Medium as the forum for me.

Today I was feeling nostalgic (and bored) and headed over to the pop-culture blog that I used to write with a fellow trainwreck. Those few minutes and the realization that the domain would only cost me $12 a year and I bought I'm not a baker.

I'm not a baker, a chef or a writer by trade, and my vocabulary is chock-full of pop-culture references. I've finally accepted that the timing will never be perfect. And I am well aware that the writing will never be either. But I am certainly willing to give this a try and I hope you'll jump over a cliff with me.

Like any home-cook, I've spent years in the kitchen and this blog will be a showcase of some of my favorite recipes alongside an explanation of why they're so dear to me.

Okay, what's next.